Success Story: Martha Elena Trejo with Toltex Construction

CLIENT NAME: Martha Elena Trejo

BUSINESS NAME: Toltex Construction, LLC


BUSINESS ADDRESS: 2225 East Belt Line Road, Suite 112, Carrollton, TX 75006

Starting her own business and becoming a successful entrepreneur, was not something Martha Trejo thought she would pursue. Although she has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, Martha never had imagined that she would one day own and run a business.

While Martha was working for a construction company in 2014, she and her former husband came across an excellent opportunity. The company needed to hire subcontractors to assist them with a large project. Martha saw that as a golden opportunity to make a sufficient living by becoming self-employed instead of having to work for a company. Therefore, in July of 2014, Martha Trejo inherited Toltex Construction Company and began her journey as an entrepreneur. 

As a newcomer to the business world and its operations, Martha Trejo did not have any background knowledge on how to become a successful entrepreneur. She had a dream to start her own commercial construction company but did not have the correct information and resources to get started. While looking for resources in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex, Martha came across the LiftFund Women’s Business Center. She reached out to the Women’s Business Center to get educated on how grow her firm. 

Martha connected with a business advisor because she had concerns about high expenses, low construction fees, financials and more. She brought these issues to the business advisor and received advise on the various problems she had come across. While working with the advisor, Martha was able to get educated on becoming a Woman Owned/ Minority Owned Firm, to allow her to bid on contracts. Not only that, but with the Women’s Business Center’s encouragement, Martha was able to get a 5% fee increase through her Prime contractor. 

Equipped with the knowledge from the Women’s Business Center, Martha was able to increase her revenues by $50,000. In 2018, the prime contractor had 200 homes that they needed set. She is working hard to expand her business into new markets within the Dallas/Ft. Worth area to be able to obtain more contracts. 

As Martha’s business successfully grows she says, “I am more knowledgeable about business and the resources available to help me grow. Working with the WBC has given me confidence in myself. I feel I can be successful in anything I do. I now feel empowered because of the resources they provided to educate me. My goals were limited because I lacked the business information. Now, my goals are much bigger. The Women’s Business Center gave me the confidence to realize my dream”.