Success Story: Lindsey Herman Nolan with Nolan Practice Management

CLIENT NAME: Lindsey Herman Nolan, Owner/CEO

BUSINESS NAME:  Nolan Practice Management 


BUSINESS ADDRESS: 20079 Stone Oak Parkway Ste 1105-485, San Antonio, Tx 78258

Lindsey Herman Nolan always wanted to work in healthcare because she wanted to help people. After obtaining a Master’s Degree in healthcare administration, she found herself burnt out after three years in a large corporate health care environment. In a twist meant to be a right turn, she followed an administrator into a new business and worked as a manager in, of all things, a moving company. While in no way her chosen field, she spent three years there and was able to gain insight into the running of a small business.

A few years later, she stepped out on her own to offer administration services for doctor’s offices including human resources, operations, supply management, billing/coding, financial management, and strategizing. Her skill set was strong but Lindsey knew her business had weak areas. She felt confident selling others but not herself. That’s when she sought the help of the Women’s Business Center.  

In Lindsey’s opinion, “no single choice could have brought more benefit.” Beginning with the Women’s Business Accelerator Program, she learned business basics but she also found community in the cohort – she became fast friends with the fellow small business owners.  They still meet weekly to discuss what’s going on in each other’s businesses, and she has found great encouragement from connecting with like-minded women who understand and share her struggles and celebrate her successes. 

This terrific support system helped her create a 1-year strategy for 2020 that allowed her to be responsive and pivot throughout the extreme bumps in the road that came from the coronavirus pandemic. The WBC helped Lindsey define her business goals and visualize her future. Whenever she doubts herself, she finds the team to be her “greatest supporter because they never doubt me and the level of support is unmatched.”

Lindsey believes that anyone who is willing to do the work should connect with the Women’s Business Center, because no one can be perfect at everything. Everyone can help in some area or another. WBC is filled with experts across all fields willing to help. Lindsey has seen her business grow significantly in the past few years and she attributes this success to the guidance and support from the San Antonio WBC.