Success Story: Jeremy Jacob “FLOAT”

CLIENT NAME: Jeremy Jacob, Co-owner




Jeremy Jacob and his wife’s love of floatation therapy led them to open their business FLOAT in 2016. FLOAT is a wellness spa that provides various therapeutic services such as salt therapy, massages, floatation therapy, and more. 

In hopes of finding tools to help his business undergo a successful branding update and attract more customers, Jeremy joined the Women’s Business Center training sessions. 

While attending the Women’s Business Center’s multiple free training sessions, he heard from expert presenters who offered tailored feedback that helped his business tremendously. 

As a result, FLOAT has seen an increase in profit and revenue due to the improvement in its marketing and branding.

I am absolutely in a better position due to the training and support received from [San Antonio’s the Women’s Business Center]. ” – Jeremy Jacob

After his experience with the Women’s Business Center, Jeremy feels a lot more equipped to scale his business with the newfound consistent clientele he’s growing. 

Jeremy’s entrepreneurial journey is just getting started. As he looks to the future, he hopes to grow FLOAT into a company that is self-sustainable and invest time into building another. With FLOAT, he is committed to bringing the best therapies that will enrich and heal the lives of San Antonio residents.

Jeremy would encourage anyone open to growth in their business to try out the Women’s Business Center. When asked if he’d recommend The Women’s Business Center, he responded, “Why not learn from professionals that are experts in their field at no cost to you in many cases. Seems like a no-brainer.