Success Story: Andrea Ley’s Olla Express Cafe


BUSINESS NAME:  Olla Express Cafe

BUSINESS LOCATION: 6366 Babcock Rd, San Antonio, TX 78249 


Like so many in this current climate, Andrea Levy, proprietor of Olla Express Cafe, felt she needed a little direction to help keep her and her cafe on track. Her business specializes in Mexican coffee but she wanted to spice things up.

Andrea reached out to the LiftFund San Antonio Women’s Business Center with a specific need in mind. She knew need a  plan. She doesn’t throw anything into the oven without a recipe, so she shouldn’t be running her business without a plan either. After working with her WBC mentors, Andrea is happy to report that she has made significant changes based to her business plan. 

Now with a solid plan in place, she gained confidence to make it through this difficult season. Andrea has utilized various LiftFund events and networking opportunities. As a part of her relationship with WBC, these events created accountability, as well as many resources, including marketing research. Just like the spices she stirs into her custom coffees, Andrea’s experience was unique as she grew and informed her store and story.

Finally, all of these ingredients came together which allowed Andrea to grow as a business owner.

Andrea recommends the LiftFund San Antonio Women’s Business Center to those ready to work, just as she was. She says the WBC resources are perfect for anyone who is willing to, “committed to themselves first, and then with their customers. Then they’re committed to succeed.”