Success Story: Adan Ventura’s Tasty Paella


CLIENT NAME: Adan Ventura, Owner/CEO and Executive Chef

BUSINESS NAME: Tasty Paella 


BUSINESS ADDRESS: 2100 N Greenville Ave Suite 800 Richardson TX 75082

Adan Ventura’s idea for Tasty Paella was born after seven years of living in Spain and falling in love with Spanish culture and gastronomy. Tasty Paella sets itself apart with the live cooking of their main dish, paella, a fantastic live flamenco show, and their live guitarists. Tasty Paella is an immersive dining experience. However, due to the pandemic, they have had to pivot their services to meet their community’s needs.

During this pandemic, the fear of not knowing if or how Tasty Paella would survive was a significant factor in Adan reaching out to WBC and engaging with their educational webinars. The Women’s Business Center successfully helped Adan put his fears into perspective and showed him what he is capable of when he puts his mind to it. 

“We are all capable of achieving what we set out to do as long as we seek the right help.” – Adan Ventura

Now, Tasty Paella provides a delivery service and a new product called “Meal Prepped Paella” that their customers can assemble and enjoy in just 3 minutes. “We have these three main services always focusing on the same product [and] different ways of distribution, thus [giving our customers flexibility],” said Adan. In the future, Adan plans on expanding his business model to provide paella cooking classes to anyone interested in Spanish gastronomy. 

Tasty Paella’s success during ongoing pandemic challenges is attributed to the support and expertise they acquired from the Dallas/Fort Worth WBC. 

Adan’s goal is to create multiple sources of employment and continue to support non-profit organizations in his community, so people who need aid can receive it during this global pandemic. He encourages anyone with their own business to connect with the Women’s Business Center because “it is worth investing time in what you offer because what awaits [you] are good results.”