Business Accelerators

Women’s Business Accelerator

Over the course of this 8-week program, participants will take part in a combination of expert led workshops, one-on-one meetings with mentors and peer-to-peer discussions all designed to help them improve their business processes and set a foundation for growth. Through networking with other small business owners, participants will develop a solid support system they can count on as they continue their entrepreneurial endeavors.

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Emprende is a six-week accelerator in Spanish, in collaboration with the YWCA, that focuses on educating aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners in Spanish speaking communities. Through this program, participants will learn how to create a comprehensive business plan, best practices for pricing their product or services; understand how credit works and how it affects their business and other key business topics. 

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Youth Entrepreneurship Program

The Youth Entrepreneurship Program helps high school juniors and seniors explore entrepreneurship as a post-graduation opportunity. Students participate in weekly workshops to help them develop, refine, and research a potential business venture. The student groups then compete in a pitch competition and present their ideas to the community at large. 

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