How to Make Your Business Stand Out

Since the pandemic has completely transformed the way we view and interact with businesses, many companies have been struggling to pivot to a digital platform for their branding and marketing needs. Rebranding can seem difficult, but Myrna Galan from Galan Graphix makes it simple and easy to do.

“Keep moving forward, don’t let yourself get discouraged, every day won’t be easy but it always gets better. Don’t be afraid of “no’s,” every “no” will get you closer to a mind-blowing “YES!” in your business.” – Myrna Galan

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Be consistent

When posting, try to stick to the same day and around the same time. Consistency is key for consumers, and you don’t want them having to guess when you’ll be putting content out there.
When you post graphics, stick to the same colors and fonts. This is vital to ensuring that your audience can easily identify your content and associate it with certain colors, fonts, or designs, making your company much more memorable.

Connect with your audience

Make sure to keep your followers in the loop of what’s going on behind the scenes at your business. Be sure to notify them of any changes in business hours or any new products or services you’re offering.
Try sharing a team member’s story or a behind-the-scenes video or picture of the day-to-day at your business. This will make your audience feel so much more connected to your company and add a human touch to your social media presence.

Plan out your content

If you struggle with knowing what to post and coming up with ideas for content, try to set aside some time to plan out your posts for a month. Set aside certain days for certain kinds of content and keep your posting consistent. If you posted a behind-the-scenes video last Monday, try to come up with something similar this Monday to keep things organized and consistent.

Don’t give up

Keep moving forward and don’t let yourself get discouraged. Some days will be more difficult than others, but things will get better. Don’t be afraid of failure or hearing the word “no.” Each rejection will get you closer to success as long as you never give up hope!

More about Myrna Galan and Galan Graphix

Galan Graphix is a minority, woman-owned full-service graphic design firm. Myrna Galan graduated from The Art Institute of Houston with an Associate Degree in Visual Communications. She has over 28 years of experience as a Graphic Designer and started her company in 2009. She is originally from Houston, TX, and currently lives in San Antonio, TX. She works with clients all over the United States.

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