Hear From Our Clients: COVID19 Business Resiliency Program

CBRP Success Stories: Let’s Elevate Your Business

Throughout last year, we’ve helped many small businesses and entrepreneurs reassess and pivot during this global pandemic that took us all by surprise. Small business owners wear many hats and sometimes need a reliable ear with whom they can bounce ideas. The Women’s Business Center provides the tools necessary to help local entrepreneurs, both new and experienced, to lay the foundation for a successful business and help them pivot to address the ever-changing needs of their community.

Jennifer Dickson: SitterNeeded

Jennifer Dickson’s business, SitterNeeded, was undoubtedly going through a pivotal moment as the community’s awareness of the pandemic increased. Jennifer applied for our COVID Business Resiliency Program and contacted one of our local experts, Tom Foley, about how to mitigate her business risks during this time. 

“[Tom Foley] provided a well-balanced approach that not only addressed and validated my concerns but also provided an outsider’s view of areas to consider. As a sole business owner, a new perspective is invaluable to interrupt the internal dialogue I have with myself and serves as a much-needed catalyst to growth. Lastly, [Foley] provided tangible suggestions on actions I could begin working on immediately as well as a vision for the future that I greatly appreciated.” said Jennifer Dickson.

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Lakesha Logan: Royal Divine Services

Like many businesses last year, Lakesha Logan’s company, Royal Divine Services, also faced a few transitional stages. Because of that, Lakesha also reached out to the Women’s Business Center to seek help in solidifying her business’ branding and next steps. 

Lakesha received vital advice and shared that she’d move forward with implementing the suggestions she’s received. She shared that, “[I’ll be changing my] logo to reflect the services that would be most profitable for my business and allow me to align these services with what I see for my business in the future. Changes to my website will also follow.”

In response to her invaluable guidance from Tom Foley, she said, “Thank you so much for devoting your time and expertise in assisting me in developing my business. I can’t thank you enough!”