Client Success Story – Picquet Studios

CLIENT NAME: Wardell Picquet
BUSINESS NAME: Picquet Studios
BUSINESS ADDRESS: San Antonio, Texas

Wardell Picquet is the founder and CEO of Picquet Studios, which aims to showcase art and creativity. The company provides services ranging from administration and consultation to publishing and representation for artists and art organizations.

As many businesses were forced to close due to the pandemic, Picquet Studios faced issues with traffic and growth. Picquet, with the help of the Women’s Business Center, was able to pivot during the pandemic through the knowledge he gained from attending various webinars.

Picquet became more comfortable with virtual networking, virtual transactions, and offering prints online. By adjusting to the online realm, Picquet was able to grow and reach a bigger audience.

He also gained a better understanding of milestones and the importance of setting and meeting them. Picquet was also motivated to be more active on Picquet Studios’ social sites and strengthen their social media presence in order to engage with more prospective clients.

In the future, Picquet only hopes to continue to grow and expand his company. “I will continue my follow-ups. I enjoy connecting with Dr. Robinson and her sound advice. I will also continue to attend the different classes, they are extremely beneficial as I continue to grow! Once you become a client the WBC will always be there for follow-ups, classes, and other assistance as needed,” he said.