Client Success Story: LaTreka Jones

CLIENT NAME: LaTreka Jones
BUSINESS NAME: Daddy Lights Ministry

LaTreka Jones’ experiences as a domestic violence victim inspired her to start Daddy Lights Ministry, a social enterprise business that helps people in life-threatening situations.

Daddy Lights Ministry focuses on giving back to Jones’ community in tangible and impactful ways. Through Daddy Lights Ministry, Jones provides hope, care and transitional resources for those in hardship situations, such as domestic violence victims, the elderly, those with special needs, single parents, etc. Jones also prioritizes planning community activities and networking events to foster and strengthen community relationships.

In April of 2020, Jones sought assistance with applying for a PPP loan with the Dallas/Ft. Worth Women’s Business Center. The DFW Women’s Business Center has provided Jones with the resources that she needs to be a successful, impactful business owner by offering funding opportunities and financial education.

“I learned [how] to budget and save better with the services and resources provided by the DFW Women’s Business Center. [Their employees are] friendly, knowledgeable and quickly help[ed] me [get] fund[ing]. ” – LaTreka Jones

Jones founded the company in 2018 and it has only grown since then. Her work focuses directly on community outreach and assisting those who are suffering emotionally, physically, or mentally through mental health services, room and board, and other resources. Her goal is to help people have a new chance at life and provide them with the resources that they need for this journey. On a typical day at Daddy Lights Ministry, Jones can be found reaching out to clients to assist her in responding to calls for help or preparing to write her second book to help bring hope and change to those who need it.

In the future, she hopes to expand her platform and continue the work that she does on a larger scale. “I plan to continue to grow and network with others to branch out. I plan on opening locations by expanding and hiring new workers,” she said.