Client Success Story: La Juana Chambers

CLIENT NAME: La Juana Chambers
BUSINESS NAME: Tacit Growth Strategies LLC
BUSINESS ADDRESS: San Antonio, Texas

La Juana Chambers is the CEO and founder of Tacit Growth Strategies LLC, a company that provides general outreach and capacity-building resources to organizations. Their services include professional development classes, strategic project planning tools, and more.

The Women’s Business Center helped Chambers connect with resource partners and even featured them on the COVID Business Resource Hour. Tactic Growth Strategies LLC was able to share these opportunities with other business owners as well.

“The [WBC] classes were great and Dr. Robinson keeps us afloat on any resources or opportunities that come across her desk. Any business owner that has questions as well as those seeking outreach to see what is new in the world of business [will benefit from the WBC].”
– La Juana Chambers

Tactic Growth Strategies LLC has grown over the past year, seeing increases in proposals and new opportunities that are a good fit for them and their clients. They’ve been able to add to their staff and increase their reach, which has led to their recent growth and success.

The company plans to focus on international scaling in the future as they enter their third year of operation. “The resources the WBC provides is great, with this pandemic happening it is nice to have resources available that can assist you with pivoting as well as ideas for growth,” Chambers said.