3 Tips to Make Your Business More Resilient and Successful During Crises

What if you could develop one skill that would almost guarantee your business resilience and success, no matter what crisis comes your way?

COVID was hard, there is no denying that. One thing to consider is that abrupt market shifts happen all the time, we just felt this one acutely because it happened to all industries simultaneously. When these shifts happen there are those who see the change as an obstacle working against them and there are those who see it as an opportunity to set themselves apart in their industry.

What sets you apart as a CEO isn’t your business savvy, it’s your resiliency.

Resiliency isn’t something we are born with. It’s a skill set we must develop and strengthen, just like we do our leadership and marketing skills. The CEOs we read about and admire come from different backgrounds, education, and connections. No matter how different their skill sets and challenges are, the one thing they have in common is how resilient they are when faced with uncertainty.

At the Women’s Business Center, we know that it is difficult to navigate a small business during this pandemic. One of our amazing branding experts, Zahra Cruzan, shared three important tips to know in order to grow/pivot with the times. However, a piece of overarching advice she had for entrepreneurs is:

“It’s so important to be intentional and map out your plans into small actionable steps. This helps you avoid costly logistic mishaps and reduces the overwhelm of uncertainty,” explained Zahra Cruzan.

We all know that evolving is a huge undertaking, even when you are fully staffed and have a budget to play with, but doing it with a reduced staff and cash flow can be tough. Scroll down to find out Zahra Cruzan’s tips for your success.

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Tip One: Slow Down

Take a breath. Sometimes in order to speed up, you must slow down first. Taking the time to think through your plans for both the short and long term will help you create a shift that can stand the test of time. The goal is for this shift to be more of an evolution than a continual hopping from one offer to the next. Consistency is also very important, so a slow transition is the best way to guarantee that whatever shift you make is sustainable for your business model and accepted by your customers.

Tip Two: Embrace the Beta

Making a shift can be costly so you want to do all you can to ensure its success, right? The most successful businesses are ones that can adapt and evolve for the times and their customer’s needs. By embracing the beta experience, not only can you gauge customer experience and make course corrections for your brand, but you can also measure the cost involved. This will help you keep healthy margins as you shift.

Tip Three: You Already Have IT!

What is it? Know that you already have everything you need to be successful in business. Maybe you just lack the guidance or knowledge to achieve your goals. Even though you may not know all the answers right now, doesn’t mean you aren’t absolutely capable of figuring them out.

Take the first step!

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Zahra Cruzan and Brand Author

Zahra Cruzan is the founder and CEO of Brand Author, a branding firm in San Antonio, Texas. At Brand Author, Zahra Cruzan creates branding frameworks and systems for small and medium-sized organizations that drive profitability, while focusing on impact. Cruzan through her own branding shortcomings with an earlier business noticed the importance of branding and found her passion for it. She wants to give smaller businesses access to quality branding strategies, so they can achieve their goals.

If you are interested in elevating your branding with Zahra Cruzan’s service – in-person or virtually, visit BrandAuthor.com or email support@brandauthor.com to learn more about what she can do for your brand!